Membership discount at HelloFresh

Assemble your own meal boxes with an IDA discount. Begin with a 35% discount on the first box and continue with a 10% discount on the following 25 deliveries.

HelloFresh delivers delicious meal boxes that give you a high degree of flexibility. With HelloFresh you can put together your weekly menu just the way you like it - and you can change your dishes when it suits you.

Order 3-5 meals a week for 2-4 people

With HelloFresh you can order three to five meals serving two or four people each week. You know your own taste better than anyone else, so you can choose from different recipes when ordering your meals.

Every week you get 12 recipes to choose from, and the selection includes everything from Danish classics to wonderful world cuisines.

Start off with an IDA discount

As an IDA member, you get a discount on your first six meal boxes, and a free dessert included. 

Of course, you can always skip a few weeks or end your subscription if you no longer wish to receive HelloFresh meal boxes.

Please note that the offer only applies to new customers at HelloFresh.

If you are a previous customer, you can reactivate your profile and get a 30% discount on the first 3 deliveries by clicking this link. The offer is only available to customers who have been inactive for 2 months.

Get a 35% discount on the first meal box and a 10% discount on the following 25 deliveries.

To get the IDA discount, click on the link and select your HelloFresh meal box.

Use the offer now

How to get started

Getting started with HelloFresh is easy. First go to, where you start by choosing your type of meal box, the number of people (2 or 4) and the number of weekly meals (2-5). Then register, and when you have finished your order, you choose the recipes you would like in your meal box.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, so it's also easy to stop using HelloFresh if you no longer want deliveries. And if there are some weeks where you, for example, are going on holiday, you can pause deliveries during those weeks.

Classic, family friendly or vegetarian?

When ordering meal boxes, you can choose between different packages. There are classic recipes, family-friendly recipes, vegetarian recipes, and quick meals. You choose what best suits your needs. For example, you can look forward to dishes such as:

  • Vietnamese inspired beef with garlic rice, mango, mint and cilantro
  • Pollock in creamy tomato sauce with oven-baked potatoes and leeks
  • Striploin steak with béarnaise aioli, green beans and rosemary fritters
  • Vegetarian burger with plant-based steak and cheese fries

The recipes state, among other things, the preparation time for each meal. This allows you to plan your meals as best as you can.

About HelloFresh

HelloFresh is an international supplier of meal boxes headquartered in Berlin. The company was founded in 2011. HelloFresh delivers meal boxes with recipes in e.g., Europe and the US, where customers cook the meals themselves. The meals can typically be prepared in 30-40 minutes.