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Impact Roasters

Now you can buy lovely Ethiopian coffee with a 20% discount - and at the same time help create economic sustainability for smaller coffee producers.

Impact Roasters is a social enterprise with two specialty roasteries in Valby with a team of 12 people who are passionate about coffee and its impact on the wider community, from the coffee farms to the end consumer.

Here's how it works

Impact Roasters works according to a model they call Impact Trade. They get their coffee from five different coffee regions in Ethiopia: Limu, Sidama, Yirgacheffe, Jimma and Kaffa. They go to villages in these areas and buy the coffee directly from the farmers.

Currently, Impact Roasters collaborates with approx. 800 farmers. They buy unprocessed coffee (red coffee berries) from the farmers and organize the processing process.

Get 20% IDA discount

As an IDA member, you get a 20% discount on your purchases on Impact Roasters' webshop, where you can buy both raw and roasted coffee beans, gift boxes, etc.

There is free shipping if you buy over DKK 200, and if you live close to the roasteries in Valby, the delivery is made by bicycle to also make that part sustainable.

Take advantage of the offer now and get your IDA discount.

Click the link below and find your discount code. You are then ready to receive the membership discount.


More about Impact Trade

In a country like Ethiopia, working directly with smaller producers can change their lives and help for long-term economic sustainability. That's why Impact Roasters' business model is designed to empower and bring change to the communities where the green coffee beans are grown.

They do this by investing in projects related to development and job creation. The local community develops the projects themselves and thus ensures sustainability.

Coffee production in Ethiopia stands out from the rest of the coffee world, as in many cases the coffee farms are no bigger than people's backyards. While coffee cultivation and production for commercial use is organized in large coffee plantations in other parts of the world, coffee grows wild in the Ethiopian highlands.

Many families have coffee trees in their backyard or a small farm area given to them by the government. The grown coffee is then collected in collection centers or, in some cases, the farmers are organized into cooperatives.

This is where Impact Roaster buys the coffee from, and their collaboration with approx. 800 farmers help ensure economic sustainability in five Ethiopian regions.

About Impact Roasters

Impact Roasters was founded in 2015 by Ethiopian Daniel, who grew up roasting coffee with his mother as a child. Since its creation, Impact Roasters has focused on redefining the coffee industry by not only connecting farmers and consumers, but also by strengthening the human and social values ​​attached to it.