Buy goods and save money

Get discounts with Forbrugsforeningen (discount organisation). With a payment card from Forbrugsforeningen, you can save when you shop.

Every time you use Forbrugsforeningen’s payment card in one of the approximately 4,600 stores with which the society cooperates, you earn a bonus – usually 9%. Around 4,750 members of IDA already have a Forbrugsforeningen card and that, on average, they received a bonus of about DKK 1,000 in 2019. Maybe you could earn even more!

Bonuses and special offers

You can see where you will earn a bonus at (in Danish). The website also shows the current special offers of Forbrugsforeningen’s partners.

Use the WebShopGuide

With Forbrugsforeningen's WebshopGuide, you'll get an easy overview of all the stores where you can use your card and save money through Forbrugsforeningen.

How to get the discount

  • To receive the discounts, you need a Forbrugsforeningen payment card (NB: the first 12 months are free but there is an annual charge for membership after this).
  • You need to apply for the card which will be sent to your home address.
  • You are then ready to shop and earn your bonus.

Click to become a member of Forbrugsforeningen (note: page in Danish)