Membership discount at Nextory

Access thousands of book titles ranging from new releases to classics with an IDA discount. Start with a 30-day free trial, and continue with a 15% discount on your subscription.

Nextory is a subscription service for audiobooks and e-books to read and listen to - both online and offline. You can choose the type of subscription that suits you or your family best, and get a discount as a member of IDA, no matter what you choose.

Choose from these packages

As a customer at Nextory, you can choose between five different subscription types: Silver, Gold and Family 2, 3 or 4.

  • Silver: This package gives you access to approx. 80% of Nextory's selection. You get access to the latest releases six months after they are first published, in Nextory's app. The normal price is DKK 99 per. month.
  • Gold: This package gives you access to the entire Nextory range, including all new releases. Gold is the most popular subscription. The normal price is DKK 129 per. month.
  • Family: These packages give you access to the entire selection, and allows several people to read and listen at the same time. You choose a subscription based on how many people are going to use Nextory. The normal price for Family 2 is DKK 159 per. month, Family 3 usually costs DKK 189 per. month, and Family 4 has a normal price of DKK 219 per month.

Note that you can of course update your subscription if needed, and therefore change packages if you wish.

15% IDA discount on the normal price

As an IDA-member, you get a 15% discount on all packages after the first 4 weeks, which is a free trial period. Your IDA discount will therefore be between DKK 178 and DKK 394 per year, in addition to the first 4 weeks free of charge.


Get 30 days free + 15% discount now

To get the IDA discount, click on the link and select your package at Nextory.

Use the offer now

How to get started

To use Nextory's services, you must first register on Nextory's website. Then you are ready to download their app (iOS or Android) on your mobile phone or tablet. And then you have access to all the books available in the package you have chosen.

If you choose to cancel your subscription during the trial period, you will not pay anything. Cancel your subscription no later than the last day of the trial period by logging in to My account on or by contacting customer service no later than two working days before the end of the trial period.

Listen and read when it suits you

Of course, you can also read and listen offline, which is smart if, for example, you are traveling or travel on the bus or train without an internet connection. Simply select the material you would like to have offline access to, download it and access it whenever you wish.

About Nextory

Nextory is a subsidiary of Frescano Group AB, which also owns Vår Bazaar and Svenska Julförlaget. Nextory was launched under the name E2GO in early 2013 and they were the first to offer an unlimited service for both e-books and audiobooks.