Save on electric bicycles and accessories at Ebikecenter

Get an IDA member's discount at Ebikecenter, where you can buy electric bicycles suited to your need - whether you are a beginner or a practised cyclist.

Have you ever thought about switching to an electric bike? Perhaps to ride it to work instead of the car or to go on longer trips during your weekend?

Then you can buy electric bikes and accessories with an IDA member discount at Ebikecenter, which has shops in Lyngby and Skovlunde, and which of course also sends bikes to the whole country. 

Your IDA member discount

  • Every month, Ebikecenter offer exclusive discounts of 10-15% on selected bikes to IDA members. You can see this month's offer on this page - a little further down. The offers are aimed both at first-time buyers, commuters and those who want the latest.
  • In addition, you get a 20% discount on all accessories in connection with the purchase of a bicycle - however not in connection with a bicycle on which you receive the member's discount of the month, or bicycles that are already discounted.

How to get the discount

  • You must contact Jan Hansen from Ebikecenter on phone 93602202, by email or in Ebikecenter's stores in Lyngby and Skovlunde.
  • If you don't live near the stores, you can of course have your purchase sent to you.
  • You must state the IDA discount code when ordering. You can get the discount code in the IDA Benefits newsletter.

Offer of the month May 2023

Ebikecenter offers the following bicycles as the month's IDA offer in May 2023. To use the offer, you must state the discount code you will find in the IDA Benefits newsletter and buy the bicycle in the period 1-31 May 2023.

Nevo4GT vario: The normal price for this electric bike is DKK 45,699. As an IDA member, you can buy the bike for DKK 39,800. Read more at ebikecenter here.

Swing Silent: The normal price for this electric bike is DKK 31,400. As an IDA member, you can buy the bike for DKK 29,500. Read more at ebikecenter here.

Cruiser silent / Cruiser mixte silent: The normal price for this electric bike is DKK 30,600. As an IDA member, you can buy the bike for DKK 27,500. Read more at ebikecenter here.