20% discount on bags and backpacks at Db

Shop tasteful bags and backpacks at Scandinavian Db. The discount is one of your many cash benefits as a member of IDA.

At Db, they think like travelers. Dreamers. Optimists. They believe the world will be better tomorrow. They believe in the family and in the open architecture. They believe that travel - in our backyard, across the oceans and through outer space - has the power to open our minds and shape our lives.

Whether you are a dreamer, optimist or just need a bag or backpack for university, work or vacation, you get a 20% discount at Db as a member of IDA. The discount applies to the entire basket when you shop at . There is a free return within 60 days.

How to get the discount

  • You go to
  • You enter the IDA discount code that you receive in the IDA Benefits newsletter . The code must be entered in the field "Promo code" when you are in the shopping cart.

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About Db

Db started in 2012 as The Douchebag, which was a light, length-adjustable and fully compressible ski and snowboard bag. Since then, the family of innovative travel items has grown with backpacks, suitcases and specialized duffel bags. Their patented connection system, robust wheels and rib cage technology have redefined travel for snow and surf lovers around the world.

Db develops bags in collaboration with professionals, where they ask them about their unique luggage problems. Then, using innovation and expertise in product design, they find ways to solve these problems. Db focuses not only on innovative products, but also on the materials. This ensures that our community receives bags that are responsibly made and built to last.

Get the discount

  • First, you need to sign up to the IDA Benefits newsletter here.
  • You will receive a discount code in your IDA Benefits newsletter.
  • To use your discount code, visit this link to shop at Db.