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Get a 15% IDA discount when you shop at Motatos. Get the discount when you spend over DKK 349 - and meanwhile you'll help reducing the waste of goods.

Motatos is an online store with ambitions to help the planet by reducing food and product waste. They do this by selling products that would otherwise be at risk of being thrown out due to overproduction, old packaging, outdated seasonal trends and short or expired best before dates.

How it works

You go to Motatos and choose your products. When you use IDA's discount link, you automatically get a 15% discount when you fill the shopping basket with items worth more than DKK 349 + use the discount code: IDA15. And you get 17% if you buy over 549 + use the discount code: IDA17. Next thing you know, your shopping is on its way to your front door - Motatos ships to all of Denmark.

Get a 15% IDA discount on purchases over DKK 349 - or 17% for purchases over DKK 549.

To get the IDA discount, use the discount codes: IDA15 (15%) or IDA17 (17%)

About Motatos' products

On all items, you can see specifications at normal price (which does not take into account local price reductions, residual sales or promotions) and the best before date. That way, you always know what you are buying and how you are directly helping to avoid waste of products that would otherwise be thrown away.

Motatos has many product categories to choose from. There are i.a. processed foods, drinks, sweets & snacks and products for the home and cleaning. There is also a category for organic goods.

Please note that Motatos does not sell refrigerated and frozen goods, and therefore your goods are transported with regular freight companies without risk to the durability of the goods.

About Motatos

Motatos was founded in 2012 as Matsmart by Ulf, Erik and Kalle. They could see how good, edible food was being thrown away, and they decided to do something about it.

So they opened a shop in a basement and launched a website using a $40 online tool. They spent days and nights packing boxes, and the small business grew into what is now known as Motatos.