Personal finances


A mortgage is the largest item in the budget of many families, and there is often lots of money to be earned by exploiting the potential of a debt in the financial sector.

With ACCURAT you can optimise your mortgage and structure your earnings – and stable personal finances will give you peace of mind.

ACCURAT is an app designed by independent financial adviser RealRåd. It can help you increase your assets through active optimisation of your mortgage loan. RealRåd collaborates with IDA to optimise your mortgage. Specifically, ACCURAT increases your assets by automatically monitoring your mortgage and telling you when it is worth converting it. You can follow the monitoring process yourself and keep track of your potential earnings on your phone or tablet. Monitoring is free of charge and you decide yourself whether to convert your mortgage.

  • Install ACCURAt
  • Create an account with your email address and a password

  • Retrieve data from the land register

  • Your monitoring is now set up

    The app is available both in Google Play and in the App Store.

Please note that you will need to reinstall ACCURAT if you have previously downloaded a beta version from the App Store.

You should also note that the land register can only be accessed a limited number of times a day. If you are denied access, try again the following day or enter your mortgage debt details yourself. This information is only needed when you first set up ACCURAT.

What ACCURAT gives you

A sense of security: You keep your current mortgage, so you won’t change anything by installing the app and using it. The mortgage is yours and you yourself decide when and if to convert it. You may simply decide to stick with your current mortgage with the interest rate, repayments, contributions and charges you know.

Opportunities: Once you have entered your mortgage details, ACCURAT will monitor your mortgage finance. The app will notify you when it is worth converting your mortgage and you decide whether to make use of the opportunity. Without the app you will miss the chance to see the potential assets in your mortgage.

Overview: If you do decide to convert your mortgage, the app will remember this and a performance review will tell you how much you have earned on your conversions. This provides you with a history and presents the future implications of your active decision to use your mortgage to increase your assets

It’s free of charge to get started

You can install ACCURAT free of charge and the first monitoring of your mortgage is also free.

If you decide to continue monitoring of your mortgage after the first conversion, you will receive a discount as a RealRåd customer. As an IDA member, you save 20% on membership of RealRåd, which means that you will pay DKK 2,400 a year instead of the standard DKK 3,000.

RealRåd’s customers typically convert their mortgages once a year. The frequency depends on the size of the mortgage and interest rate trends. For example: If you convert a mortgage of DKK 3 million, and increase the interest by 1%, you will reduce your net debt by DKK 180,000. If you reduce the interest by 1% when you convert, you reduce your gross mortgage payment by DKK 15,000 (and the net payment by DKK 8,000).

Contact RealRåd

You will benefit by becoming a member of RealRåd and allowing them to do the monitoring for you. They will also do everything for you when you convert your mortgage.

Contact RealRåd on 4330 0050 or visit for further information.