Personal finances


Debt can be good when managed properly, and most of us have a debt in our home at some point. You can save/earn money on active debt management instead of just taking out a mortgage and paying it off.

With active debt management, you can:

  • Get a lower fee when interest rates fall
  • Get lower residual debt when interest rates rise
  • Make optimal use of your equity value
  • Secure your equity value

Active debt management can sound difficult - RealRåd makes it easy for you:

  • You will be notified by RealRåd when there is a conversion option
  • RealRåd ensures that you get a loan offer at the right time
  • RealRåd ensures contact with the mortgage credit institution and bank

According to RealRåd, you can use active debt management if you have fixed-rate mortgage loans of 2 million and above.

Contact Realråd and get help with active debt management

You will benefit by becoming a member of RealRåd and allowing them to do the monitoring for you. They will also do everything for you when you convert your mortgage.

Contact RealRåd on 4330 0050 or visit for further information.