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Switch to IDA+Lån&Spar and get member benefits

As an IDA member, you can enjoy numerous benefits, such as Denmark's highest interest rate on your salary account, access to affordable car loans, swift response to home loans, and much more by choosing IDA+Lån&Spar.

IDA+Lån&Spar is a partnership between IDA and Lån&Spar Bank, which IDA owns, and you as an IDA member. This ownership structure ensures that no shareholders profit from you in IDA+Lån&Spar. Here, you will find services and products tailored to your needs.

IDA+Lån&Spar has developed a unique understanding of the financial requirements, challenges and opportunities you may face throughout your education and career. It ranges from your student years to buying a house a car, starting a family, managing your finances, savings and investments, to retirement. Additionally, you can also enjoy various benefits when using IDA+Lån&Spar.

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What are the reasons for choosing IDA+Lån&Spar?

  • You don't need to negotiate for the best terms - IDA has done it for you.
  • You receive unbiased advice from IDA+Lån&Spar since they don't receive bonuses for selling but a salary for advising.
  • You can get quick answers from IDA+Lån&Spar when you need them, such as when buying a home.
  • You will get a bank with the experience and unique knowledge to meet the needs of IDA members.
  • Your bank is owned by IDA and other stakeholders, meaning that there are no shareholders who profit from your bank.

What about the tangible benefits and interest rates?

Apart from receiving objective advice and prompt solutions, you will undoubtedly experience the difference between IDA+Lån&Spar and other banks in everyday transactions. As a customer of IDA+Lån&Spar, you are entitled to various benefits.

  • A salary account offering an interest rate of 5% on the first DKK 50,000*.
  • Attractive interest rate on loans for electric cars or plug-in hybrid cars.
  • It is one of the most affordable car loans available in the country.
  • You can use Mastercard and Visa/Dankort without any additional fees.
  • You can get an OD account with attractive interest rates.
  • You and your partner can enjoy a fee-free checking account, regardless of the scope of your business.
  • No account fees.

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* Are you a member of IDA and have completed your education? If yes, here's how to earn 5% interest on your salary account. Collect all your finances at Lån & Spar (LSBprivate®Salary), a part of a package of products and services that evaluate your finances. With this package, you can earn 5% interest in your salary account on the first DKK 50,000. For DKK 50,001-500,000, the interest rate is 1%, and after that, it is 1.5%. The interest rate is calculated daily and added annually. These interest rates are variable and apply from June 13, 2023. You don't have to move your mortgages, but you must go through Lån & Spar and Totalkredit for changes and new mortgages. Please visit for full terms.

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Are you looking for a house or apartment? IDA+Lån&Spar can help you find the right loan for your needs. Get started by booking a meeting that will give you an overview of your financial opportunities. Even if you're just looking, it's a good idea to contact your bank adviser early on in the process. That way, you're ready to act as soon as the right opportunity arises.

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