Cash Benefits


Lån og Spar Bank collaborates with IDA to ensure you the best banking advantages such as beneficial rates and discounts on services

IDA collaborates with Lån & Spar to provide you – as an IDA member – with special benefits. Lån & Spar gives you Denmark's highest interest on your current account, and you are also entitled to free, completely non-binding, advice (for example on your mortgage) and an annual check of your finances.

Lån & Spar gives you free, non-binding advice

...when you need to adjust your finances or are thinking of realising your dreams. The bank acts as your sounding board in all aspects of your personal finances, from financing your home to pension savings and investments.

If you are self-employed, Lån & Spar also offers free, non-binding advisory services through LSB Business.

You receive 4% interest

...on the first DKK 50,000 on your current account. This is Denmark's highest deposit rate and can give a return of up to DKK 1,500 a year – and many of our members are already benefiting from this.

Lån & Spar also offers flexible mortgages competitive prices. You can choose between a variety of mortgage options, such as a combination between a safe mortgage loan and flexible mortgage credit.

Cheap car loans are also an option

...specially designed for you as an IDA member. With Lån & Spar you can borrow money for a new car on particularly good terms. If you already have an expensive car loan, you can transfer it to Lån & Spar and save money each month. There are no hidden charges or extraordinary expenses. You pay an origination fee and receive a low, variable interest rate of 2.95% p.a.

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Benefits for graduate IDA members

  • LSBprivat® current account with a 4% interest rate on the first DKK 50,000 and 0.00% on the rest.
  • LSBprivat® savings account with a high interest rate on the entire account if the balance is at least DKK 50,000.
  • LSBprivat® budget account.
  • Free Visa/Dankort and MasterCard with the same PIN number.
  • Free net banking for your LSBprivat accounts.
  • Free overdraft facility between DKK 50,000 and 100,000 at a favourable interest rate.

Benefits for student IDA members

  • 3 % interest rate on deposits up to DKK 20,000 and 0.00% on the remainder.
  • Overdraft facility up to DKK 50,000 at an interest rate of 5%.
  • Student Savings with an interest rate of 0.50% on the entire amount.
  • Student Budget with a 0% interest rate.
  • Free cash withdrawals and currency exchange throughout Denmark.
  • Free Visa/Dankort and MasterCard with the same PIN number.
  • Free transfers and Giro payments through net banking.

For more information contact Lån & Spar

...for an informal chat about what they can do for you and your finances...

If you decide you want to change your bank, it is not as difficult as many believe. All you need to do is dig out the necessary papers and set aside some time for a meeting. Lån & Spar will sort out the rest – including contact to your current bank.

You decide whether to have the meeting in person, by telephone or online.

If you are already a customer at Lån & Spar, contact your financial adviser and ask about your options as an IDA member.

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