Personal finances

Financial advisors

Get advice on your personal finances.

F10 are financial advisors who can assist you in making the best choices with your finances. 

The IDA offer includes a one-off DKK 1,500 discount for each member on a Finance Check, Pension Analysis or Company Check.

  • The price for a Finance Check will be DKK 2,000 for the first meeting for you as an IDA member. After the first meeting, the price is DKK 3,000 per meeting.
  • The price for a Pension Analysis for IDA members will be DKK 3,500
  • The price for a Company Check for IDA members will be DKK 3,500 without VAT

In addition to advice on personal finances (e.g. pension savings, mortgages and bank), the agreement also includes business consultancy services for IDA members who are self-employed.

How to proceed

When you select a Finance Check, F10 analyses your finances and identifies areas where you could save or earn money. You receive an understandable spreadsheet that pinpoints areas for improvement. This shows you where F10 expects to be able to optimise your finances. You will also be given a fixed price for F10’s implementation of the optimisations.

The aim is not to sell products to you but to ensure that you receive a serious and objective evaluation of your needs, options and threats to your finances.

The advisory services are available nationwide, so you will be offered a personal meeting on F10’s premises or in a location of your choice. These offers are included in the fees in force from time to time, although there may be additional transport expenses, for example, if meetings are held on the island of Bornholm.

Contact F10s financial advisors

  • Members who would like advice from F10 are welcome to fill out F10’s contact form
  • Remember to note that you are an IDA member to ensure that you receive the discount
  • ...or call on 3033 4333.

Satisfaction guarantee and additional services

The process after the Finance Check is covered by F10’s satisfaction guarantee. This means that if, contrary to expectation, F10 does not achieve the expected outcome, there will be a corresponding reduction in price.

The agreement also includes a 20% discount for members who are interested in asset consultancy and other financial advisory services at an hourly rate. The price will be DKK 1,200 for IDA members (as opposed to the usual DKK 1,500).

F10’s financial advisers are impartial and only receive payment from IDA’s members. They do not receive any commission.