PhD - before, during and after

Expert advice: Start your job search before you need a job

Are you soon done with your PhD, and are you considering your next move? IDA recommends that you start your job search now. Please read more about how we can help you with your job search.

What to do after your PhD?

Although your effort on writing a PhD is probably taking all your time and concentration, we still recommend that you contemplate your next move in advance. Even though unemployment for STEM PhD graduates is very low, it still takes time before you get a job after graduation.

Around 31 percent of your PhD colleagues will find a job before they finish writing their PhD project. For the remaining graduates, the job hunt is distributed as follows:

  • 47 percent find a job less than 3 months after completing a PhD
  • 21 percent find a job within 3 to 12 months after completing a PhD
  • 2 percent spend more than one year finding a job after completing a PhD

Do you need help with your job search?

We have a good selection of great examples of job applications and CVs, so you are properly prepared when you need to start your job search.

Are you considering taking out a supplemental unemployment insurance?

If you are already insured in an A-kasse (unemployment insurance fund), you can insure yourself further with an insured sum and get a higher benefit if you do not get a job immediately after completing your PhD.

However, you need to take out the insurance at least 2 years before your PhD ends.

For more information, please contact your A-kasse or IDA Forsikring.