Do you want to be a candidate in the IDA election?

It is almost time for elections at IDA. In March 2022, IDA members will cast their votes for the Board of Representatives, which is IDA’s highest democratic governing body. However, you can start your candidacy now.

IDA is a democratic society where all members can be elected to IDA’s highest democratic governing body, the Board of Representatives.

Even though the election won’t take place until March 2022, it is already time to begin preparing if you want to be part of setting the course for IDA for the period 2022 - 2025.

What is the Board of Representatives?

You can compare the Board of Representatives to the Danish Parliament (Folketing). It is composed of a number of electoral lists (parties), each with their own key issues. 

The 65 elected members of the Board of Representatives elect the President of IDA and appoints IDA’s Executive Committee, which is responsible for managing the society. Together, they lay down the strategy for IDA’s political influence, professional and social networks, career counselling and competence development, and not least, efforts to highlight the importance of technology to society.

There are currently 12 electoral lists on the Board of Representatives. Each electoral list is headed by a list coordinator. Click here for an overview of all the electoral lists (In Danish).

About the IDA Election 2022

  • What is the election to the Board of Representatives about?
  • See which electoral lists are running.
  • Should I run in the election?


The IDA Election 2022 is underway

IDA’s electoral secretariat handles the practical organisation of the election on behalf of IDA’s electoral committee.

As a member, you can read about the different electoral lists as they are registered. You can register as a candidate for an electoral list.

You can also establish your own electoral list. Contact Kathrine Kofoed, chief political advisor from IDA’s electoral secretariat, at

Visit the election homepage at

Who can vote?

All members of IDA can vote in the election. Graduate members elect 61 representatives and student members elect 4.

If you are a student member, contact IDA STEM Students at to learn more about how students can gain influence.

Schedule for IDA Election 2022

  • 9 October - 1 March: The electoral lists recruit candidates, e.g. 1:1, via their own websites or SoMe pages.
  • 15 February - 11 April: The election is visible at all IDA events
  • 18 March - 11 April: The electoral lists can campaign at IDA events and at members’ workplaces, for example.
  • 25 March - 11 April: Voting by members
  • 12 April: Election results announced
  • 7 May: Inaugural meeting of the Board of Representatives and election of the President and Executive Committee

Contact the electoral secretariat at if you would like to know more about the election schedule or the guidelines for the election.