Do you want to be a candidate in the IDA election?

In the spring of 2025, IDA members will cast their votes for the Board of Representatives, IDA’s highest democratic governing body. And you can run as a candidate. Find out more here.

Did you know that IDA's direction is shaped by members just like yourself? 

As a democratic society, IDA is governed by the Board of Representatives which sets the direction for IDA's work and elects the President and executive committee. 

In March and April 2025, IDA's members choose who will sit on the Board of Representatives for the next 3 years - and maybe it's you?

All IDA members who have finished their studies may run for the Board of representatives. 

On this page you can learn more about becoming a candidate in the IDA Election.

Are you a student member?

The Board of Representatives reserves 4 seats to student members. If you are a student and member of IDA - and want to become politically active in IDA's Board of Representatives, please contact IDA STEM Students at for learn more about your opportunities for using your influence. 

Run as a candidate and get influence, a new network and new competencies

If you are committed to your subject and have an interest in politics, run in the IDA election! In the Board of Representatives, you gain influence over your trade union. You help promote a good framework for IDA members' lives and pave the way for technology and people in society.

You also gain a strong network and new skills when you help decide the strategy and policy that IDA works towards.

You do not need to have experience of political work to run for the Board of representatives in IDA.

Political lists, each with their own key issues

You can run on one of IDA's existing political lists ('parties'), or you can create a new list if you see a completely different path for IDA.

A political list is a group of IDA members with common interests and issues. They join forces to nominate candidates for the House of Representatives.

Each electoral list is headed by a list coordinator. Click here for an overview of all the electoral lists (In Danish).

The Board of Representatives is IDA's parliament

You can compare the Board of Representatives to the Danish Parliament (Folketing). It is composed of a number of electoral lists (parties), each with their own key issues. 

The 65 elected members of the Board of Representatives elect the President of IDA and appoints IDA’s Executive Committee, which is responsible for managing the society. Together, they lay down the strategy for IDA as:

  • A trade union working for a good framework for members' lives
  • A professional community seeking to inspire and develop members
  • An interest group being part of creating a better future

Timeline for IDA Election 2025

  • 5 October - 2 March: Your can run as a candidate on
  • 5 October - 9 January: Create your own list at
  • 14 March - 7 April: The electoral lists can campaign at IDA events and at members’ workplaces, for example.
  • 21 March - 7 April: Voting by members
  • 8 April: Election results announced in the IDA House at 16.30 and livestreamed at
  • 3 May: Inaugural meeting of the Board of Representatives and election of the President and Executive Committee

About the IDA Election 2025

  • What is the election to the Board of Representatives about?
  • See which electoral lists are running.
  • Should I run in the election?


Run as a candidate - how to do it 

From 5 October 2024 until the nomination deadline 2 March 2025, you can run as a candidate on an existing political list in IDA.

You register at, where you must go through these steps:

  • Click on the 'Apply' button on to request candidacy.
  • You must validate yourself with MitID when you apply.
  • Select the list you wish to apply for.
  • You can stand in the region where you live or work - your regional affiliation.
  • Complete the listing form - it will be automatically forwarded to the list coordinator.

You must submit 3 declarations of consent to be validated as a candidate. They are a prerequisite for you to apply:

  1. Consent to your email and phone number being visible to the list operator and possibly administrator. Your phone number and email are not visible on If you are not approved as a candidate for the list, the list manager must delete your phone number and email.
  2. Consent for you to be visible on with your candidate presentation in the period 2025-2028.
  3. Consent that if you are selected, IDA's secretariat will publish your name and email on

Note: You cannot proceed in the setup process until you have ticked all 3 consents.

Your candidate presentation on

You are only visible as a candidate on when the list manager has approved and published your candidacy with your personal profile page and candidate presentation. Here you must answer 2 questions:

  • Who am I
  • You should pick me because

Your presentation must motivate the members to vote for you. It should be a maximum of 1,500 units.

Your name appears as standard information. In addition, you can choose to provide:

  • Education
  • Field of study
  • Year
  • Workplace
  • Age

This is voluntary. All information comes from IDA's membership system.

You can advantageously insert a picture of yourself (not a moving gif), links to the website, social media and other places where you can be in direct dialogue with the members.

You can introduce yourself in both Danish and English.

Be invited by the list coordinator

You can also become a candidate for the IDA election if a list coordinator invites you to run for a list.

The list manager sends you an email with a link to the list's presentation, and you can accept the candidacy by clicking on the 'Apply' link in the email.

Create a political list - how to do it

From 5 October 2024 until the notification deadline for lists 9 January 2025, you can create a list at

At you will find instructions on how to do this.

If you have questions about the IDA election

IDA's election secretariat is responsible for the practical organisation of the election on behalf of IDA's election committee.

Write an email to IDA's election secretariat at if you have questions about the election.

Visit the election homepage at