IDA Crowdfunding

Why crowdfunding?

You may be wondering whether crowdfunding is relevant to you. In addition to accessing an attractive audience, such as IDA Crowdfunding, it provides several opportunities for a creator that is fully involved in the process of creating a product.

Want to read more or do you want to crowdfund? Please visit, but be aware of IDA Crowdfunding still only exist in a Danish version, but that might change in the future.

Obviously, the most important thing is that you can raise capital before you have a finished product. It can be anywhere between DKK 10,000 and DKK 200,000, and all your early supporters and potential backers can build a community around your work, your biggest resource for spreading the word about your project.

Beta testing: What do your backers think about your product?

Product Ambassadors: If you get e.g. 100 backers, you already have a group of followers who are engaged and especially loyal to your product.

Word of mouth: If they are satisfied, information is passed orally from person to person, they will tell friends, family and colleagues about your product.

Product validation: You get the opportunity to share and test your product with your community. This way you can find out if there is a market for your product, before you invest too much.

Bring your project to life

How to crowdfund your idea?

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, we encourage you to send us an e-mail at with an exhaustive description of your project or idea.

Send us an e-mail

Project Requirements

IDA Crowdfunding welcomes projects from a wide variety. There are a few things your project must fulfill to be part of this platform:

  • Your project needs to be sustainable and technologically or scientifically based.
  • You have to offer a relevant reward to your backers.
  • You must deliver that reward in 6-8 months.