IDA Crowdfunding

About IDA Crowfunding

IDA Crowdfunding aims to make it easier to succeed for people working with technology or science-based products with a sustainable profile, and for consumers, it is easy to be part of it.

IDA is working, as an association, for a more sustainable development assisted by technological and scientific solutions. This is a major part of our vision, which is why we are taking another step to the right direction with IDA Crowdfunding.

IDA Crowdfunding aspires to make it easier to succeed for more people working with technology and science.

It is also easy to be part of it as a technology enthusiast or ordinary consumer. You can support new, innovative solutions with a small amount of money, and in this way, be part of the efforts to bring them to the world. You always get something in return such as products and/or services you have initially supported.

Bring your project to life

How to crowdfund your idea?

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, we encourage you to send us an e-mail at with an exhaustive description of your project or idea.

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What is IDA Crowdfunding?

IDA Crowdfunding is a providing platform for you with a good idea or project, that needs start-up capital to develop a finished product that finally you could offer to your potential customers.
You probably know Kickstarter. Kickstarter applies a fee to your funds to make their platform available to you and your project, which you can present with image, text and video. Backers that support a project on Kickstarter get an inside look at the creative process, and help that project come to life. They also get to choose from a variety of rewards or benefits offered by the project creator, often a copy of what is being produced.

This is practically how IDA Crowdfunding works too, but unlike Kickstarter, our platform is completely free. It is a vital part of our vision to support sustainable, technological or scientific projects. If you meet our requirements, then IDA Crowdfunding will help you with the following outset:

  • You get a spot on our crowdfunding page.
  • We make a video about your startup and take pictures to present it on our site.
  • We help you set up and promote your crowdfunding campaign.
  • You get access to 125,000 technology enthusiasts.