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Save 15% on fast charging at Viggo - without subscription and binding

Under the name ViggoEnergy, Viggo offers lightning charging at 300 kW charging stations in central locations and at some of the market's lowest prices.

As an IDA member, you can now get a 15% discount on fast charging at the ViggoEnergy lightning charging stations. Here you can charge your electric car from 20%-80% in less than 30 minutes at central locations and in selected business areas.

This makes ViggoEnergy the obvious choice for electric drivers on the move or for city dwellers who do not have access to home charging.

Your offer as an IDA member:

  • 15% discount on lightning charging at all ViggoEnergy's lightning charging stations
  •  Option for AutoCharge (charge the car without an app or charging chip)
  •  No commitment or subscription

How to get started

ViggoEnergy has entered into a partnership with Monta, and therefore charging takes place at a discount via the Monta app.

  1. Download the Monta app(Already a Monta user? Go to 3)
  2. create profile
  3. Click on "Chargers" - "Teams"
  4. Click "Join or create a team"
  5. "Join team" - enter the IDA discount code and fill in the details
  6. You will find the IDA discount code on MyIDA
  7. Get started with lightning charging with a 15% discount

Once you have followed the above guide, you are ready to recharge at all our locations with a 15% discount. You can find charging stations by searching for ViggoEnergy on the map in the Monta app.

Where to find ViggoEnergy's lightning charging stations per 1 May 2024:

There are many new fast charging stations on the way in 2024/2025. This applies, among other things, to Copenhagen Ø, Copenhagen SW, Copenhagen NW, Charlottenlund, Frederiksberg, Hørsholm, Allerød, Gladsaxe, Vallensbæk, Taastrup, Nykøbing Falster and Kolding.