Cars & fuel

Petrol, diesel and car wash

Get a discount on car wash, petrol and diesel at Q8.

As a member of IDA, you receive a discount on Q8’s pump prices for both petrol and diesel. You also receive a discount on the car wash. To qualify for the discount, you must apply for a Q8 payment card and use it at Q8 filling stations. Note that you can also use the payment card at F24 filling stations but you only receive the discount at Q8 stations.

Discount rates on purchases in Denmark

  • Petrol: DKK 0.15/litre including VAT on the Q8 pump price

  • Diesel: DKK 0.15/litre including VAT on the Q8 pump price

  • Car wash: 20% discount on a single Q8 Qvikvask

How to get your discount

If you already have a Q8 payment card, which you would like to transfer to the IDA agreement, call Q8’s customer service on 7012 8888 and state organisation code 7534.

Save fees with Q8 cards through IDA

If you order a Q8 payment card through the IDA agreement, there are no invoicing fees. You thereby avoid the usual fee for paper invoices (DKK 8.00) and PBS collection (DKK 5.50)

Do you also want to be able to refuel at Shell?

When you apply for a Q8 payment card, you will be issued a Q8 customer card. However, you can also choose a Q8 business card - even if it is just for you personally.

With a Q8 Business Card you get all the above benefits + you can also refuel at all Shell and Shell Express stations throughout the country. That brings the number of stations to around 475. However, the discounts are still only at Q8 stations, but you still save on billing fees by switching to a Q8 card through IDA.

How to get a Q8 business card: You must apply for a regular Q8 payment card. You must then call Q8 Customer Service on 7012 8888 and order one of the types of business card: Q8 Company Card or Q8 Company Card Plus. Here you can read about the content of the card types (In Danish).

Do you have a CVR number?: Then you can use IDA's Q8 agreement with large discounts on current list prices. Read about it here  (In Danish).