Family trips

Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Lose yourself in the firmament, watch a film in the Dome Theatre or explore our exhibition. As a member of IDA, you receive a 10% discount on admission tickets.

Your guide to the cosmos

The Tycho Brahe Planetarium provides educational entertainment for the whole family. 

The Made In Space exhibition explores where we all come from. Your body’s building blocks – the atoms – come from space, and on a cosmic journey through the exhibition you will discover precisely where the various elements are formed. The hydrogen in the water in your cells originates from the very beginning of everything – from the Big Bang. Life consists of DNA, and DNA is made of, among other things, the element carbon, which is formed in the stars. The stars in the universe act as vast element factories, and this is where the iron in your blood is also formed. Zinc is important for your immune system and originates from huge starbursts – supernovas.

In the exhibition on space missions, you can send space probes to Mars and see how it rains diamonds by looking through a planet’s craters.

There are lots of fun activities for the whole family in the interactive exhibition. You can see how you look in different wavelengths of light and discover why we observe galaxies with different types of telescope. You can also look into planet craters and see how it rains diamonds on the planet Neptune. Using the information system, you can explore and delve into films, animation and articles about space missions and space research.

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The Dome Theatre

In the planetarium’s cinema, the 1,000 m2 domed screen gives a unique film experience – it’s like being there yourself. Regardless of the film you select, each performance begins with a journey through the universe.

On certain weekends and during school holidays, there are guided tours and activities in the exhibition and in the SpaceLAB.