Family Trips

Cirkus Arena

Take the family to the circus with discounts on Cirkus Arena performances across the country.

Cirkus Arena celebrates its 65th anniversary in 2022 with Bubber and Julie Berthelsen at the helm. Experience the beautiful horses, fragrant sawdust and award-winning world artists - a real circus!

The anniversary program is composed of world-class and mind-boggling performances! Together with Bubber and Julie you will, among other things, experience Duo Costache's with wild air performances, the talented trapeze artists Flying Wulber, the cutest dogs, wild robot breakdance, a world-class juggler, the ladders' balance master and musical delights in the circus ring.

Almost 2.5 hours of impressive entertainment brings the whole family together for a fun experience when Cirkus Arena comes to your city in 2022 - and you get an IDA discount on all the performances.

How to get a discount