Travel deals and discounts

Tips for cheaper travel

Whether you are travelling to far-off destinations or attractions closer at hand, there may be savings to be achieved if you plan right. Here are some tips that may give you some inspiration for cheaper purchases.

Flight tickets

Availability of tickets, and thereby the price, depends on the booking situation. For this reason, seats on a flight will vary in price. It is usually best to book in good time. This will give you access to the cheapest categories of ticket. For example, it is a good idea to book your Easter holiday the autumn before if you have already decided on your destination.

The days on which you travel also have an impact on the price. If you can change your outward journey from a Friday afternoon and your trip home from a Sunday evening, you will be able to travel cheaper. Saturday to Monday is usually cheaper than Friday to Sunday, for example. And if you can fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead of at the weekend during holiday periods, you will usually get cheaper tickets.

Obviously, airlines registered in Denmark are better acquainted with Danish holidays than companies domiciled elsewhere. You can sometimes save money if you investigate the market for southern Europe by checking the websites of companies from these countries.


There are countless hotel providers, with websites such as and among the largest. Their selection of hotels is attractive but you should investigate other ways of booking hotels in order to find the cheapest. Booking websites receive a percentage of your booking price in commission, and this means that you can save money by looking in the right place.

It is important to remember to compare hotel prices based on identical parameters. For example, it usually costs more for breakfast or to cancel a booking if you book with or The lowest prices are often bookings that cannot be cancelled and you should be aware of this when you compare prices at, for example,, and Hotel Express Online.

IDA has an agreement with Hotel Express Online. They cut their commission to enable them to offer cheaper hotels. On average, their prices are 20% lower than those on the market’s major booking sites.

Therefore, it is always worth comparing prices on Hotel Express Online and booking here if the price and hotel are right.

Read more about Hotel Express Online.


There is often a lot of money to be saved if you keep your eye open for deals on cruises in the Baltic and Mediterranean. Cruises are often ‘all inclusive’, meaning that both food and water are included in the price. A cruise can therefore be an unusually inexpensive type of holiday, travelling from location to location. You should be aware that tips are obligatory and that you will need to pay extra for drinks packages if you would like beer, wine or soft drinks. However, the prices are usually reasonable.

Save 10 % with

You can purchase inspiring, inexpensive cruises from a number of providers. One option is, where you receive an extra discount of 10% on the deal price as an IDA member.

Last minute cruises, in particular, can be really cheap.