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You can book hotels all over the world at favourable IDA membership prices.

Discount agreement with Hotel Express Online

Through IDA's discount agreement with Hotel Express Online, you get access to favourable bookings at around 150,000 hotels across the world. Hotel Express Online has particularly good deals in major cities and for major destinations, so you should be able to find hotels at most of your destinations.

Why you should use Hotel Express Online if you are a member of IDA

  • On average, Hotel Express Online is around 20% cheaper than other major, well-known providers on the market – and often up to 50% cheaper.
  • You have access to 150,000 hotels all over the world, with more being added every year.
  • Support available in Danish.
  • Booking assistance is free of charge.
  • In 85% of cases, it is free to cancel hotel rooms you have booked (the remaining 15% are offered without cancellation due to the particularly inexpensive prices).

How to book your hotel

  • You need to create a user profile with Hotel Express Online to gain access to prices and booking. 
  • Click to book your hotels now
  • Remember to use the password idahotel2014 when you create your profile with the IDA discount.

Why Hotel Express Online is generally cheaper than its competitors

  • Hotel Express Online takes a commission of around 10%, compared with the 25-30% taken by competitors on the internet.

  • Hotel Express Online buys directly from so-called providers who are the first in line when hotels sell their rooms.

  • Hotel Express Online buys rooms from 11 different providers, with no intermediaries.

  • Hotel Express Online continually optimises its purchase of rooms offered by the various providers, so that the price you receive is always that of the cheapest provider.

  • Hotel Express Online does not spend money on marketing and has a lean administration.

Compare prices

  • We encourage you to compare prices yourself for the specific periods and destinations you are considering. Remember to compare price, breakfast and cancellation rules.