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Character strengths survey - identify your strengths

Discover your signature strengths and use them in your applications, CVs and skills development.

The strengths test by VIA Institute on Character is based on positive psychology, which looks at what makes us feel good.

Positive psychology focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses. By becoming aware of our personal strengths - and using them actively in the most important areas of our lives - we can bring more joy to our work.

The strengths test is based on the assumption that we thrive and work best when we are allowed to use our strongest points.

Signature strengths

The result of the Strengths Survey is a ranked list of 24 strengths or personal characteristics that we all have.

The top 5 strengths are the ones you use naturally. These are called signature strengths. You have other strengths too, but you don't use them as often or as naturally.

That doesn't mean they're strengths you're bad at using, but that it might take you a bit more to draw on them.

You can get the most out of the strengths survey by speaking to one of IDA's career counsellors or by buying a full test report for around $40.

You can book a career counselling session through MitIDA

The test is produced by the US company Via Survey and is taken on their website. The test, which can be taken in English, is free of charge.