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Spirii charge solution for electric cars

As an IDA member, you can now get a Zaptec Go charging box, standard installation and service agreement from Spirii at one of the best prices on the market.

If you have an electric car or are thinking of buying one, you can now have a Zaptec Go charging box set up at home or in the summer house, so you never need to go far to charge your car.

You also get access to the Spirii Go app, which lets you set your charging box to charge the car when the power is cheapest.

How you benefit as IDA member

As a member of IDA, you can buy a complete charge solution from Spirii. The solution includes:

• A Zaptec Go charging box, which is of course yours to keep after the installation
• Standard installation of the charging box carried out by a local installer
• Spirii Connect service agreement with full operating guarantee, service, support and refund of electricity tax of DKK 1.12 per. kWh.

The price for the charging solution is DKK 9,695, and the service agreement costs DKK 79 per month with a 6-month commitment.

If you already have a charging box

Do you already have a charging box installed at home, but are looking for a new complete charging solution? Then you can easily switch to the smart Zaptec Go charging box with included service agreement from Spirii. Spirii helps with the installation of the charging box, while you have to cancel and return your existing charging box to your current charging operator.

You pay less for the installation if you already have a charging box that you want to replace. In this case, your price will be DKK 7,195 instead of DKK 9,695.