Share your knowledge of management through a coffee meeting

Do you have experience in management and would you like to share your experience with an IDA member interested in management? Then sign up for our new project, where you can share your knowledge with another IDA member and inspire others who are interested in the management path.

Coffee meeting with a management focus

Through IDA's coffee meeting project, members interested in management can register for an online coffee meeting with an experienced manager (perhaps you?), where they can find out whether management work is for them. We hope that you, as an IDA member and experienced manager, want to help other IDA members who are going through the same considerations as you likely were a few years ago.

What you can expect

What's in it for you? By participating in a coffee meeting, you get the opportunity to pass on your knowledge and help others find clarification about their career path. Perhaps you yourself can remember the period leading up to your first job as a manager, and the considerations and questions you yourself faced?

If you register, you agree that we may match you with an IDA member interested in management who has also registered for an online coffee meeting. You will be matched with a maximum of one IDA member per round, and we set up a round approx. every third month. With each match, one coffee meeting is held, and at the one coffee meeting, the person interested in management can ask you questions about the world of management, where you can freely share your knowledge. Through the coffee meeting, those interested in management will learn more about whether the management path is for them.

What do we expect of you?

You are not a job consultant, and there are no expectations that you will get the person in question a job or uncritically open up your network for them, but we do expect you to want to share your own experiences, reflections and insights into management work. In addition, you are welcome to come up with tips and tricks, which it is then up to your match to go ahead with and try out. Naturally, we also expect you to respond to the inquiry that comes from the person interested in management with whom you have been matched.

Whether you have five or 20 years behind you as a manager is not important, as long as you have at least four years of management experience and personnel responsibility.


  • The coffee meetings are exclusively virtual coffee meetings 
  • There is only one meeting per match (thus no long-term course with the individual member) 
  • The meeting will last approx. one hour, and you agree on the date and time yourself
  • It is the person interested in management who is the proactive person for the meeting

How to register?

You register for the coffee meeting project at the bottom of the page by filling in the registration form. When this is completed, you will receive a confirmation, which will also state when the next round starts - and when you will therefore hear from us. We run three rounds per year: in February, May and October.

We hope that you have the time and desire to help another IDA member learn more about management work through an online coffee meeting.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Emilie Lindquist, who is responsible for the project 
Telephone number: 33 18 97 58 

Share your knowledge of management