Accounting and bookkeeping

Self-employed with customers abroad

Are you self-employed and do you undertake projects for clients abroad? In which case, do you have questions regarding taxes and VAT? Contact IDA for a referral to Deloitte where you can receive advice free of charge.

Members of IDA who are self-employed and who take on projects for customers abroad can now receive free advice on how to invoice customers abroad, documentation for trade with other countries and VAT etc., in connection with projects. Advice from Deloitte that is given over the telephone is free for IDA members for a specific amount of time.

What should I do? Should I prepare?

It’s important that you prepare ahead of time for the telephone call and have your questions ready so that you can receive as many answers as possible during the 15-20 minutes available for free counselling. 

How do I get in touch with Deloitte?

Contact IDA for more information or call +45 33 18 48 48.