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Salary payroll system

Salary is a simple and user-friendly payroll system, and IDA, in collaboration with Salary, has secured an exclusive offer for you as a self-employed professional or entrepreneur. As a member of IDA, you get a 21% discount on Salary Basic.

Avoid payroll errors and manual typing work

Salary has created a pay system that everyone can understand. The business owner, the accountant and the employee all benefit from Salary, all the way to the bank. Its ease of use makes it difficult to make mistakes and ensures fast and efficient payroll administration.

Full integration into your accounting system

Unlike other payroll management systems that only have partial integrations, Salary has created deep and complete integrations with a number of accounting systems, saving you time and money, as well as minimising double-entry errors.

With Salary Basic, you get full integration for Billy, Dinero, E-conomic, Uniconta, Business Central, XERO, and Dynaccount

Salary handles:

  • Salaried employees
  • Automatic payroll (requires Basic)
  • Hourly workers
  • Automatic deposits
  • Holidays and expenses
  • Automatic accounting (requires Basic)
  • Prepaid salary
  • Automatic zero reporting to SKAT
  • Travel/mileage allowance
  • Integration to time registration systems (requires Basic)
  • SH/Free choice

Denmark's fastest payroll support

On the Salary payroll system website, you will find a wide range of guides, support articles, and useful knowledge about payroll. In addition, you will benefit from the fastest payroll support in Denmark.

You can also view English guides to using Salary

Get a 21% discount on Salary Basic

The free version of Salary is free for up to 3 employees, but with the offer from IDA, you can choose Salary Basic, where you have the option to run automatic payroll, integrate with an accounting system, pay slips in e-boks, as well as access to the Salary employee app to record time, driving and absences.

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