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Revisorfirmaet Lysehøj - accountants

Several IDA members with their own business recommend Revisorfirmaet Lysehøj. We are therefore very pleased with our agreement with Lysehøj offering all self-employed IDA members one hour of free counseling.

Regardless of whether you’ve just started or been in business for a long time, Lysehøj can provide you with all the help and advice you need. And you can rest assured that you’ll receive all the benefits and deductions you’re entitled to as a self-employed person.

Revisorfirmaet Lysehøj:

  • will handle all practical matters related to bookkeeping and payroll.
  • will ensure that you comply with deadlines and statutory requirements for financial statements, annual reports, etc.
  • will advise you on how to optimise your company and personal finances.
  • will instruct you on how to use the Billy accounting software (see also IDA’s agreement with Billy).
  • will take the time to talk to you when you need help or advice.


Contact Revisorfirmaet Lysehøj

Contact Revisorfirmaet Lysehøj for a chat about your company and how they can be of help.

Call them on +45 20 95 20 00 or e-mail

Remember to provide them with your IDA membership number.

Recommended by other IDA members

Several self-employed IDA members already use Revisorfirmaet Lysehøj and you can read some of their reviews here.

“We’ve been working with Christian Lysehøj for many years and we’ve been very happy with our collaboration. Christian is a very competent accountant and a constructive partner in connection with strategic considerations on behalf of our company. We’ve been very satisfied with the flexibility and excellent service provided - both by Christian and the other employees. Christian’s accommodating and positive approach has clearly rubbed off on his employees. We’re regularly in touch with Christian throughout the year and we appreciate that he has a very good understanding of our company, despite having a large number of other clients. Christian is always quick to respond to enquiries and is punctual in preparation of our annual report - both of which we greatly value. We highly recommend Christian Lysehøj as an accountant - his professional abilities and personal qualities are a great combination."
Henrik Thorup, Thorup Consulting Engineers ApS

“I established my company a few months ago and an acquaintance recommended Revisorfirmaet Lysehøj. From day one I have received professional help with everything involved in establishment and operation of my company. Everything runs smoothly now - and I always receive a quick response to any questions that still arise. I’m therefore very satisfied with all the help I received from Lysehøj during a chaotic time.”
Nermin Pistoljevic, NEP Consulting Engineers ApS

“I’ve been a client at Lysehøj for many years. Lysehøj has a large number of very competent employees, and when I moved to Lysehøj from a large Danish accounting firm, Lysehøj discovered that I’d overpaid DKK 20,000 in VAT, and who doesn’t enjoy getting their money back! The excellent advice and feedback I received on how to run my consulting business and webshop was very helpful. What I appreciate about my conversations with Christian and his employees is their composure, patience and helpfulness. Combine this with their professional competencies, and I, as self-employed, feel very safe in their hands. I recommend Lysehøj for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with bookkeeping, tax regulations, VAT and other “dangerous” things - but who prefers to spend their time doing what they do best.”
Søren Nielsen, BigBell