OK24: Is your salary increase from 1 April missing?

See when you can expect to receive the salary increase that came into force on 1 April 2024 as part of the OK24 collective bargaining. Your employer must pay your money retroactively.

During the 2024 collective bargaining known as OK24, salary increases were introduced across the public sector, coming into effect on 1 April 2024. However, you may be looking in vain for a change in the salary figures on your pay slip this April.

This is because the voting result for OK24 was not ready until 15 April 2024. The public employers have therefore not been able to pay out the agreed salary improvement together with the salary for April in all cases.

Expect to get the money with your salary for May

The public employers have notified us that they expect to be able to pay the salary increase with your salary for the month of May. But of course technical challenges can arise.

If you are employed by the state, it may also be that you managed to get the salary increase together with your salary for April. You will be able to see this on your pay slip.

Salary increases are paid retroactively

Regardless of when you can see it on your pay slip, the salary increase will be paid retroactively to 1 April 2024.

Therefore, check your pay slips thoroughly in both April, May and June to be sure that your salary increase appears.

Please also pass the message on to your colleagues, who may also be wondering where the salary increase will go.

How big the salary increase is

In OK24, the following general salary increases have been agreed as of 1 April 2024:

  • The state: 4.83%
  • Municipalities: 4.00%
  • Regions: 4.00%

The salary increase is calculated based on the adjustment percentage

In the public sector, the current salaries are calculated by multiplying a basic amount by a current adjustment percentage, which reflects the agreed general salary increases.

The new regulation percentages per 1 April 2024 is:

  • State: 1.228067
  • Municipalities: 1.577650
  • Regions: 1.141109

If you receive, for example, an annual supplement of DKK 12,000 in basic amount, this corresponds in current DKK to:

  • The state: 12,000 * 1.228067 = DKK 14,736.80.
  • Municipalities: 12,000 * 1.577650 = DKK 18,931.80.
  • Regions: 12,000 * 1.141109 = DKK 13,693.31.

See the three agreements reached in OK24