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Buy a defibrillator with an IDA discount

It's the purchase you'll hopefully never get to use - but a defibrillator can save lives in critical situations. With a defibrillator at hand, you can respond quickly in the event of a cardiac arrest at home.

Do you know how close the nearest defibrillator is to your home and family? And have you ever wondered if you should buy one for your home instead?

The majority of cardiac arrests in Denmark occur in the home, but unfortunately, only about 9% survive a cardiac arrest at home compared to about 28% in public spaces.

As an IDA member, you can now buy what is probably Denmark's cheapest defibrillator with colour screen from Medical Danmark A/S at a special offer price and even with an additional member discount.

Your IDA price on a defibrillator

You can buy a Vivest PowerBeat AED X3 with an IDA discount. The normal price is DKK 13,118.75 and it's currently on offer at DKK 8,736.00. In addition, you get an additional 5% member discount by using the discount code found on My IDA. Your price for a PowerBeat AED X3 defibrillator will therefore be DKK 8,299.

How to get the discount

  • Visit this page on medicaldanmark.dk
  • Use the discount code found on My IDA
  • Insert the discount code after clicking "Gå til betaling"
  • Your IDA discount is valid until 29 February 2024


Contact Medical Danmark by phone 65938010 or on email at info@medical.dk.

More about PowerBeat AED X3

  • The AED comes with voice guidance in both Danish and English
  • There is also text guidance via the large colour screen in both Danish and English
  • There is animation on the large LCD screen that supports voice and text guidance
  • The defibrillator comes with a 5-year warranty and a 10-year lifetime from the date of production
  • Up to 5 years battery life in standby mode
  • Up to 4 years durability on the defibrillator electrodes
  • The defibrillator weighs only 1.5 kg

For further information, please refer to Medical Danmark A/S.