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Get a 15% discount on garden tools at Scandinavian Gardening

Buy functional, user-friendly and durable garden tools at Scandinavian Gardening with an IDA member discount.

Scandinavian Gardening supplies functional, user-friendly and durable garden tools. Their focus is to make gardening easy and to minimize wear and tear on your own body and hands. The garden tools from Scandinavian Gardering also provide a clean cut through the branch, leading to healthier branch growth.

Best in tests

Scandinavian Gardening's bestseller was voted best in a test by Politiken in it's lifestyle section Lørdagsliv.

"A clean cut on a branch with a diameter of 2.2 centimeters. Not many garden shears can do that." But the model that AnneMarie Sørensen, horticulturist and garden architect named the winner of Lørdagsliv's test of pruning shears could.

It has gearing and cuts through thicker branches than all the shears in Lørdagsliv's test. "You just have to get used to the exchange function, but once it's in place, it's great", says AnneMarie Sørensen and demonstrates how little effort is needed to cut branches with the scissors from Scandinavian Gardening.

At Scandinavian Gardening you can buy pruning shears, saws and other tools for your gardening. All with IDA member discount.

About Scandinavian Gardening

Scandinavian Gardening is a Swedish company whose tools are developed on the basis of inspiration and motivation to get the job done in the best and simplest way. The company was founded in 2011 and today they offer popular and well-known garden tools in e.g. Denmark and Sweden.

Your savings

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