Self-employed, freelancers and startups

LSB Business

Advantageous banking agreement, tailor-made for self-employed members of IDA.

LSB Business is a partnership between IDA and Lån & Spar Bank, specifically aimed at people who are self-employed or who are about to start their own business.


  • Free online banking

Prices and conditions

  • Deposits are currently remunerated at 0.00 per cent per annum up to DKK 100,000 and minus 0.7 per cent per annum on additional deposits.
  • Interest on overdrafts of more than the above is negotiated individually
  • Zero costs to open an account

How to get LSB Business

In order to qualify for LSB Business, you have to be a member of IDA and you will have to pool all of your accounts with Lån & Spar. A credit evaluation will also be required prior to approval.

Go to (in Danish only) and read more about the membership benefits IDA has negotiated with Lån & Spar.

Other services

  • Easy transfer of accounts from your current bank, all dealt with by Lån & Spar
  • Free online banking
  • Normal cost of online banking is DKK 350 per quarter
  • Free transactions with other banks when you use online banking. A discount of DKK 0.50 per transaction.
  • Direct contact with the LSB hotline (+45 33 78 19 28) where you can receive help with online banking and general enquiries, etc.
  • Free Visa/Dankort
  • Competent advisors with extensive experience working with engineers and MSc graduates.