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IDA offers a free 3-month trial membership to give you a taste of how you can benefit from becoming a member of IDA as a UX professional.

300 UX-professionals have already joined IDA - we hope you will too

Some people think that IDA is a union just for engineers. However, this is not the case at all. Today we are a union for all STEM professionals working in Denmark. We want to do more for UX-professionals and now have UX-events throughout the year, portfolio workshops and a network you can join.

We know that the labour market for UX-professionals tends to be more fractured than for other professionals here in Denmark, with differences in salary, working conditions and job security. As a member of IDA, our career counsellors can prepare you for the job search and the job interview. Our legal advisors will read through your contract and make sure you are getting the best possible working conditions. And with our salary statistics, you can see what other people in your field earn, giving you a strong position when negotiating your next salary.

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Try IDA out for free and get access to all our benefits

Try us out for free and get access to all our benefits. On top of everything else you will also get access to some of Denmark’s cheapest insurances, professional it-networks where you can meet people from your industry, and more than 3,000 annual events related to tech and science. We will tell you more about this once you have signed up for your free membership.


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