Job Searching

IDA CV Assistant


The CV Assistant helps you to keep your CV updated and ready for use. Whether you are newly qualified, seeking a job or in work, it is important always to have an updated CV that shows your best qualities.

Your CV is your lifelong companion and your professional business card. It contains all of the important details about you and it is the employer’s most important tool when hiring. Most companies read the CV before the application when hiring a new employee. A study (Ballisager 2012) shows that 69% of all employers give the CV higher priority than the application. If your CV matches their requirements, they will read the application, and an interview is the next step.

Use the CV Assistant to create a professional and updated CV. You can select the elements suitable for your targeted CV, and your CV will always be ready when you need it.

IDA’s study of job change (March 2016) indicates that 35% of people who changed jobs within the past three years were not actually job seekers – they were contacted directly. This clearly indicates the value of an updated and relevant CV.

Even if you are not an active job seeker, regular updates to your CV will have a positive impact. Throughout your career, you will experience challenges, projects, courses and in-service training that may be forgotten in the years to come. If you update your CV regularly, everything will be there when it is needed.