Maternity/paternity leave

Holidays when on maternity leave or paternity leave

Can you take a holiday during maternity leave or paternity leave? And how do you accrue leave during your maternity/paternity leave? Get help here.

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Can I take holiday during maternity or paternity leave?

Maternity/paternity leave or parental leave is considered a holiday obstacle. This means that, as a rule, you cannot take holiday during your leave.

If you can agree with your employer that you will interrupt your leave to take the holiday and then resume your leave, there is nothing to stop you taking holiday during your leave. This applies to paternity and parental leave.

Can I transfer holiday or receive holiday pay for holiday I did not take before my maternity or paternity leave?

When you fail to take all your holiday days before going on maternity leave, parental leave or paternity leave, your holiday will be carried over to the holiday-taking period from 1 September to 31 December of the following year.

If you have not taken the fifth week of holiday, your employer must automatically pay it out after the end of the holiday-taking period, unless you agree that the week should be transferred to the next holiday period.

If you still have a holiday obstacle (e.g. illness or maternity/paternity leave) when the next holiday period expires, the holiday must be transferred again.
It is only after the expiry of 2 following holiday periods that you can have the holiday paid out, on condition that you do not have the opportunity to take the holiday during the holiday period. You can also choose to transfer the holiday a 3rd time.

Do I accrue holiday during maternity or paternity leave?

If you received full or partial pay during your leave, you are entitled to holiday with pay.

Rules for salaried employees

Are you covered by the rules of Salaried Employees' Act, where you received half pay in the period from 4 weeks before the expected date of birth to 14 weeks after the birth? Then you are entitled to holiday with full pay at the time you take the holiday. This applies when you continue in the same employment.

You do not accrue paid holiday during the weeks you receive maternity pay (barselsdagpenge).

Rules for employees in the state, municipality or region

If you are employed in state, municipality or region, you are entitled to holiday with full pay both for the periods when you receive full or partial pay during your maternity/paternity leave and for the periods when the employer only pays the pension contribution, even if you receive only maternity pay (barselsdagpenge) during this period.

If you are employed in a municipality or region, you can receive a pension contribution for maximum 20 weeks of unpaid leave.

If you are a government employee, you do not accrue the right to holiday with full pay during any period in which you have chosen to extend your parental leave by 8 or 14 weeks.

What happens to my holiday if I change jobs?

Do you change employers before you have taken all the holiday you accrued during maternity/paternity leave? Then you are entitled to holiday pay from the salary you received during the holiday year.

Your employer must pay the holiday money into the Holiday Account with your last monthly salary.

Holidays and a new job: here are your rights