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Get a grant for an event in your workplace

If you want to arrange a professional event in your workplace, you can apply for a grant to cover your costs. Find out which events are supported by IDA Private Sector here.

Grants are given to cover the costs of general meetings, members' meetings, club board meetings, and network meetings.

For instance, you can get support for presentations and events like those listed below:

  • Event on job satisfaction 
  • Event on how to create and support dialogue between members and management in relation to the future work situation
  • Event about well-being during changes
  • Event on good advice for salary negotiation
  • LinkedIn course

Grant rules

The grant rules from IDA Private Sector apply to all private employees and can be applied for on behalf of Company Groups (VG), Academic Clubs (AK) or individually in companies without a VG/AK.

Grants are generally given for events of a professional nature and VG/AK board meetings. Purely social events are not supported by IDA Private Sector.

Subsidies are given for professional events, member meetings and general meetings on an expense basis.

To have your costs reimbursed, documentation should be submitted through the reimbursement form.

The following expenses are reimbursable:

  • Up to DKK 380 per member for catering
  • Up to DKK 5000 in total for presenters, location costs and renting of technical equipment.

Need more funds for your event?
If you need more money to hold your event, you must fill in this application template. It could be, for example, an external presenter who costs more than DKK 5,000.

Need IDA merchandise for the event?
If you need IDA notepads, pens, candies or coffee cups for events, IDA offers to send this to you.

Send an email to Lone Høyrup at lh@ida.dk one month before the event and state what you need, quantity and delivery address.

Reimbursement of expenses

Please fill out IDA's reimbursement form and include relevant attachments, such as list of participants, receipts, and invitation to the event.

Note that there is a deadline of 3 months from the date of the event before the documentation must be submitted. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to secure the documentation in question before the deadline. After the months, the right to reimbursement of costs is lost.  

Learn more about IDA Private Sector here: About IDA Private Sector