TECH-Talk with TV 2 – cloud and cybersecurity

TECH-Talk with TV 2 – cloud and cybersecurity
Get a look into the work at TV 2, when IDA and AKA invites to this morning meeting with examples of how TV 2 handles cloud and cybersecurity.


  • Welcome and introductions by IDA and AKA
  • Talk 1: One Platform to Rule them All (approx. 20 minutes + time for questions)
  • Talk 2: Experiences with DDoS attack on TV 2 Play (approx. 20 minutes + time for questions)
  • Last minute questions and closing off

One Platform to Rule them all by Martin Villumsen

TV 2 is currently building a new and shiny cloud platform to support all their digital products. But how do you embrace the diversity present at one of Denmark’s largest broadcasting companies when building one platform to rule them all? The bold ambition is to abstract away all the valueless infrastructural complexity to help developers focus on what’s important to them while still addressing the many different needs. The goal is to increase developer productivity while increasing stability, and security and optimizing cloud costs.

In this talk, Martin will share some of the lessons learned so far while building a cloud platform from scratch and how to embrace the different needs across many different teams.

About the speaker

Martin is a Staff Engineer in a cloud platform team at TV 2 Denmark. He has been part of TV 2’s cloud journey since the beginning and played an active role in defining and implementing the platform on which TV 2 PLAY is hosted today.

Experiences with DDoS attack on TV 2 Play by Rasmus Theodorsen

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks using botnets are becoming an increasingly common problem. We look at how to identify an attack and what techniques the attackers typically use to maximize the load on the systems.

Based on a specific attack on TV 2 Play's web application, we show how the attack affected our systems and which techniques can be used to minimize the impact on the systems that are directly or indirectly affected. We look at what you as a software developer can consider when designing and hosting web applications to make them more robust against DDoS, as well as examples of how your Cloud Provider can help.

About the speaker

Rasmus is Lead Software Engineer with responsibility for PLAY Web and Smart TV. Educated civil engineer from DTU.

About the company

TV 2 is a modern provider of critical democratic infrastructure. TV 2's most important task is to deliver Danish public service content to the Danish population on commercial terms. With seven TV channels, the streaming service TV 2 Play, one news site and four apps, TV 2 has the largest impact in Denmark. We are in contact with 87 % of Danes on a weekly basis across platforms.

TV 2 is a MediaTech company with many different professions represented. The technological platforms and program content are prerequisites for each other to reach viewers and to gather Danes around #allthatweshare. Skilled and committed employees are a prerequisite for us to succeed with this, and we strive to be a diverse and inclusive workplace with different career and development opportunities.

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  • When

    31. maj. 2023 09:30 - 11:00
  • Where

    Webinar - In front of your pc/tablet/phone

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    30. maj. 2023 - 23:59

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    IDA IT

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