Presentation of large new electrical ferries to be operated by Molslinjen

Presentation of large new electrical ferries to be operated by Molslinjen
In 2024 Molslinjen will start operation on the routes Kalundborg-Ballen and Bøjden-Fynshav with two new battery powered ferries under construction in Turkey at Cemre Shipyard.

The background of the project will be presented by Molslinjen together with their technical consultants.


17:00 - 17:05 Welcome & Introduction 
by Hans Otto Kristensen, HOK Marineconsult ApS

17:05 - 17:35 The design process for new electrical ferries for Molslinjen
by Anders Ørgaard Hansen, CEO, OSK Shi-Tech A/S

The new ferries for Molslinjen have been developed in close cooperation between the owners and OSK-ShipTech. The presentation will include the focus on the overall design as well as the design philosophy related to the strategy for the ferry operation. Energy consumption as well as optimization is a key element to ensure an efficient and sustainable business model.

17.35 - 18.20 Electrical equipment on the ferries and in the harbors 
by Søren Ingwersen, Key Account Manager and Anders Eriksen Application Engineer, Danfoss Drives

Danfoss Drives in the Marine marked. Presentation of the electrical equipment on the ferries, such as the drive line, electrical motors, converters etc. land based charging stations and the automatic cable connection to the ferries

18.20 - 18:50 Break

18:50 - 19:10 The electrical supply from the harbors 
by Hans Henrik Simonsen, COO, Molslinjen
The supply of electrical power in the connecting harbors will be described, such as handling different voltage, digging work for the new cabels and associated economy related to the power supply

19:10 - 19:40 Electrical kinetic energy storage - new materials, more energy,
by Martin Speiermann, founder, WattsUp Power A/S.

A description of a new energy storage system will be given based on kinetic energy storage in a rotating fly wheel

19:40 - 20:00 Closure
by Hans Otto Kristensen, HOK Marineconsult ApS

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