Exploring Bioscience: A Brazilian perspective on developing tests for Covid-19 and future pandemics

Exploring Bioscience: A Brazilian perspective on developing tests for Covid-19 and future pandemics
There is a lot of difference between Brazil and Denmark - not the least when it comes to the Covid-19 outbreak - which put a pressure on the Brazilian healthcare system to quickly develop a testing method.

Exploring Bioscience - digital festival presents Dr. Celso Granato, Specialist in Infectious Diseases and Clinical Pathology, a member of the Brazilian Societies of Infectious Diseases and of Clinical Pathology and Clinical Director at Fleury Laboratory for Diagnosis, Brazil.

Dr. Granato will let us in on the test he and his team have developed as a fast way to diagnose Covid-19 and how these can be used for future pandemics. 

About the speaker

Dr. Celso Granato holds a medical degree by the University of São Paulo (FMUSP) and medical residency in the Department of Infections and Parasitic Diseases of Hospital das Clínicas ( School of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo_HCFMUSP). He performed his researches fellowship at the Central Institute of Microbiology and Immunology in the University of Hamburg in Germany, Hepatitis and AIDS at Claude Bernard Lyon University, in France;  and Retrovirus at Cornell University in USA. 

Dr. Granato has the title of specialist in Infectious Diseases and Clinical Pathology and is a member of the Brazilian Societies of Infectious Diseases and of Clinical Pathology. Since 1983, he is Clinical Director at Fleury Laboratory for Diagnosis. In addition, in the last 30 years, he has been responsible for several scientific projects, conducted  by Fleury Laboratories and by Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP_School of Medicine). 


Exploring Bioscience - digital festival

This online event is part of Exploring Bioscience - digital festival. The 2020 edition of the event focuses on viruses and vaccines. We are asking the question “What do we know today, and how can we understand future epidemics and pandemics better?”.

At the festival, you get an exclusive insight into the latest research when The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA invites you for a behind the scenes look with the experts who are currently working hard on solving the mysteries of the recent pandemic. You will learn about their results and thoughts about the future, and you get the opportunity to ask them the questions you are wondering about. 

The festival consists of a number of separate presentations from Monday the 26th of October till Thursday the 29th of October. During these days you can attend online events within the area of viruses. 

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    29. okt. 2020 12:00 - 13:00
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