Research becomes a priority

The government will allocate DKK 1 billion for environmental research programs in its budget proposal. Thats a good start after several years of budget cuts in the field.

If Denmark aims to achieve a green transition and an ambitious reduction target in CO2 emissions of 70% by 2030, a massive research investment will be needed. We do not have all the technological solutions, which is why IDA is satisfied with the government's budget proposal in this field. Around 1 billion DKK will be set aside for more green research.

“It is a good prioritization exercise by the government. We need to invest significantly more money in research in general and especially in green research. This is where the solutions of solving the climate challenges can be found. But from our point of view, we are far from the target. Denmark should have an ambition to invest 1.5%. of our GDP in public research, but the government's proposal maintains us at approx. 1% of our GDP,” says Thomas Damkjær Petersen, Chairman of IDA.

IDA is satisfied with the government is planning to drop the so-called re-prioritization contribution, which compelled educational institutions to save 2% annually.

“Knowledge is the raw material that sustains Denmark, and it has been sad to see the green harvester drive ruthlessly around the educational institutions. We urgently need skilled and well qualified employees for the green and digital transition. Therefore it is good that the government gives priority to investing in the future,” says Thomas Damkjær Petersen.