The municipal OK21 negotiations are finished

Carsten Eckhart Thomsen, Chairman of IDA Public, is satisfied that a competency fund of a reasonable size is now being established in the municipal area.

The last negotiations in the collective bargaining process for the academics in the Danish municipalities have fallen into place.

On 27 February, Akademikerne and KL (Local Government Denmark) finished negotiating the final agreement in connection with OK21. The settlement should be seen as an extension of last weekend's settlement between Forhandlingsfællesskabet (the Bargaining Community) and KL, which secured a salary increase of 5.02 per cent for IDA’s members over the next three years.

And the agreement Academikerne has landed with KL is a sensible one, says Carsten Eckhart Thomsen, Chairman of IDA Public, who has represented IDA's approximately 4,000 members working in the municipalities.

“The negotiations with the municipalities have also been tough, but we have negotiated a sensible financial framework that ensures real wage growth. Now, like in the agreement made earlier this week with Danish Regions, a competency fund of a reasonable size is now being established in the municipal area, and I am pleased with that. With the establishment of the competency fund, our members employed in the municipalities can apply for funding for individual competency development, just as employees in the state area. That has been an important requirement for us, and we managed to achieve it,” says Carsten Eckhart Thomsen.

He is also pleased with the improvements the negotiations have secured for the members’ salaries.

"We have secured an increase in the pension percentage, which benefits all members. In addition, we have come through with an increase in final salaries at the basic levels, which will also apply to specialist and chief consultants. That is positive,” says Carsten Eckhart Thomsen.

Referendum - your vote counts

With the municipal settlement concluded, the results of the negotiations in all three public areas will come to a vote among IDA's publicly employed members.

All publicly employed members will be asked by electronic vote to take a position on the result in an indicative referendum. IDA's political committee, the Council of Employees, will, on the basis of the members' votes, decide whether the result should be approved or not.

To inform members about the contents of the agreements, IDA will hold webinars that you can attend from your computer. Here, Carsten Eckhart Thomsen, as IDA's representative in Academikere's Negotiating Committee, will discuss IDA's recommendation in relation to the vote and explain the voting process, the negotiations and the settlements.

We will contact you with more information regarding voting dates soon.