It's a yes: IDA's members vote in favour of new collective agreement

The vote on the OK21 settlements has ended. 94 pct. of the votes cast have landed on a yes to the agreements.

The OK21 settlements have been cast to vote in an indicative referendum among IDA's members in the state, municipalities and regions. And the result is clear. In total, 94 pct. have voted in favour of the agreements. The total turnout was 21.2%.

“I am very pleased that such a large proportion of our members can support the agreements we have negotiated in place with the public employers. From day one, we have known that it would be an agreement that was affected by the uncertainty surrounding the corona situation, but we have come through with a satisfactory result and have secured and improved the real salary for IDA-members. That was the overriding goal for us. So I am satisfied that the agreement has also been passed by the members,” says Carsten Eckhart Thomsen, chairman of IDA Public.

He notes that the state competency fund will be continued and now introduced in both the municipal and regional area as part of the agreements. With competency funds in all three public areas, members can apply for funding for individual competency development.

“It has been an important requirement for us, so that the members can maintain and develop their knowledge. In addition, there are several good elements in the state agreement in the university and education area as well as for the seniors, who for example in the regional and state area receive a senior bonus that can be exchanged for two days off or pension. Finally, it is worth mentioning the general salary and pension improvements in the municipal and regional area,” says Carsten Eckhart Thomsen.

IDA has 14,891 members working in the state, regions or municipalities.