It is time for the Danish Parliament to go back to work

Voters have now decided, and IDA congratulates all members of Parliament for their election or re-election. The new Danish parliament will, regardless of color and balance of power, decide on the six political objectives that IDA highlighted during the election campaign.


A long election campaign is finally over, and the Danes have voted. For the next four years, members of the Danish Parliament will have to work on issues that are major political topics for IDA and which IDA has highlighted in the campaign "Let the facts speak for themselves".

“During this election campaign, we have focused on six central issues that we believe should be cleared up in the new parliament. We call for e.g. an ambitious climate law with binding goals, because it is the only way to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement. We also fancy new investment in education and research, so that we consolidate the process of becoming an ever richer and more sustainable society, ”says Thomas Damkjær Petersen, chairman of IDA.

“The new Danish Parliament will draw a conclusion on these issues along with other important matters. It is, for instance, about the lack of highly educated foreign labor within technology, IT and science, a topic we must address to battle stress in the labor market, and the controversial mass registration of the Danes' mobile telephony, which is inconsistent with the fundamental rights of EU citizens and therefore should be stopped. "

 We are now looking forward to the return to work of the Danish Parliament, and we will obviously contribute with facts and knowledge to solve these challenges, ”says Thomas Damkjær Petersen.