IDA Urban Food Systems

The network was established in IDA in 2017 based on the need for an independent platform for sharing knowledge about the major green transition in the agricultural and food system.

About IDA Urban Food Systems

Our aim is to focus on the large-scale contexts for the way our production, processing and consumption of food is organised. In this network, we want to create a basis for knowledge sharing, reflection and debate on topics such as sustainability, climate, food waste and a number of other current topics that require dialogue across sectors and systems.

Our mission is to arrange activities that help our members develop their knowledge and networks. Our members typically work with food systems under the auspices of private, public and civil society.

By examining the connections, challenges and potential between the many participants in the value chain, our activities seek to inspire the members to work towards the transformation of our food system. By focusing on sustainable development and systemic approaches, we arrange highly topical events at the crossroads between decision-making processes, research, food production, logistics, retail, catering and consumption.

In addition, we handle the collaboration between Danish and international professionals with an interest in food studies - and you can join!

Membership price

This network is free for both members and non-members.

Why you should join

  • You will become part of a strong technical network within sustainable food systems
  • You will have the opportunity to help uncover potentials and barriers to sustainable development in the agricultural and food system
  • You will receive our newsletter with upcoming events
  • You get membership benefits such as a reduced price at our events

To join the network, visit MitIDA. If you have ideas for activities and events, and would like to be involved in the planning yourself, you can send an email to network-coordinator Helle Borch at 

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