IDA's Oracle Quiz: Share your predictions about the year to come and win a prize

Participate in IDA's annual quiz about the year 2024. If your predictions are right, you'll get the chance to win gift cards worth DKK 1000.

The deadline for submitting your response has passed: Stay tuned for December 2024, when we'll notify the winner(s) of this year's oracle prize.

How will Denmark do in the Euros - and which temperature records will be broken in 2024? 

Every year, IDA makes a quiz about the year to come - and for the first time, it's available in English as well! 

At the end of 2024, we take stock of the year that passed and see which predictions came true. The winner will be notified directly in December 2024.

IDA Oracle Quiz 2023

Here are the questions and answers from the IDA Oracle Quiz 2023: IDA Oracle Responses 2023 (In Danish)

Please note: IDA's employees cannot participate in the IDA Oracle quiz.