IDA Operations Management

Productions Management is the society for individuals enthusiastic about Operations Management.

We work to create job growth for the benefit of Danish engineers within the field of production and logistics. We want Danish engineers, to be recognised internationally for their high professional standards and professionalism, so we can remain competitive at a global level.

The technical subjects discussed in IDA Operations Management are LEAN, innovation, global SC-network design, insourcing and outsourcing and Sales & Operational Planning.

We provide:

  • events of a high professional standard run by volunteer members, e.g. The Logistics Conference and Lean as well as company visits.
  • a network of talented leaders and specialists, currently comprised of 2,500 members.
  • knowledge within the fields of production and logistics through international lectures.
  • the setting for innovation and the exchange of experiences, e.g. the Lean network group.

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