IDA Military Technology

IDA Military Technology is a network for professionals and others with an interest in defense technologies.

Who are we?

  • A professional community for everyone with an interest in defense technology
  • An active board with its finger on the pulse, passionate about creating exciting events
  • A professional network with more than 1,200 members

5 good reasons to sign up for IDA Military Technology

  • Keep your knowledge up to date on everything from cyber threats and security to materiel acquisition and technology, military operations and much more
  • Strengthen your network with others in the industry
  • Get professional inspiration from the Danish Armed Forces, companies and relevant players on both the development, utilisation and management of equipment within the military field
  • Be invited to IDA Military Technology's annual symposium with prominent keynotes and experts
  • Receive invitations and information via IDA Military Technology's newsletter

If you have questions or an idea for an event, contact our network coordinator, Lone Høyrup at

International cooperation

In addition to the national work, the society is part of the European umbrella organisation named the European Federation of Defence Technology Associations.

The price of membership

  • IDA member: For free
  • Company membership: DKK 750 per year
  • Not an IDA member: DKK 500 per year
  • Students, not IDA members: DKK 100 per year

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All IDA members can join the different networks for free.

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