IDA LifeScience

We are a professional network for anyone with an interest in Pharma, biotech and the Medical Device industry, with a general focus on GMP.

In IDA LifeScience, we want to create a network where we can share professional knowledge, get inspiration to improve the way we work, and to connect with other organisations that are also part of the GMP world.

IDA LifeScience hosts a number of events, usually at different companies, where specific topics are presented, such as GMP-related issues, Medical Devices, Renrum design, etc. At our events, there are plenty of opportunities for networking and becoming acquainted with specific businesses in the field.

Why you should be part of IDA LifeScience:

  • You will have the opportunity to meet others from your industry
  • You can share your knowledge and contribute with your own expertise
  • You will receive our newsletter with upcoming events

IDA LifeScience has a board of 7 members and a total of 680 members. The board's goal is to arrange a minimum of 4 events per year.

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The network is free to members of IDA. Visit mitIDA to join IDA LifeScience. 

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Questions and contact

If you have questions about IDA LifeScience, please contact Network Coordinator Songül Kocbay