We are active within the fields of indoor climate, heating and air conditioning technology, building installations, environmental and energy technology, and we play a central role in the Danish building and construction industry.


At IDA HVAC, we organize many different activities such as conferences, themed meetings, excursions and courses.

Every year we hold approx. 50 events where we delve deeper into our areas of expertise, learn new things, exchange experiences and listen to exciting presentations. The events are organised in collaboration with Danvak's specialist and local groups.

IDA HVAC has a board that oversees the collaboration with Danvak, as well as around 800 members.

Together with VVS Teknisk Forening, we run Danvak ApS, which administers and is responsible for our joint activities.

Why you should join IDA HVAC:

  • You can participate in all the exciting activities at a member's price
  • The HVAC Magazine is sent to you 13 times a year
  • Be among the first to read our reports, publications and trade books
  • You get access to associations of heating and air conditioning engineers throughout the Nordics, Europe and the USA
  • You will receive our newsletter with upcoming events

If you want to hear more, contact network coordinator Mette Holck at

NOTE: The special membership fee is DKK 700 per year, which i.a. covers HVAC Magasinet and the collaboration with Danvak.
(However, DKK 0 per year for IDA student members and DKK 100 per year for the unemployed and seniors).

Please note that when you register for IDA HVAC, your membership and address information will be shared with Danvak, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 København Ø, for the purpose of being able to send the HVAC Magazine to you.

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