IDA Health Technology

The aim of the society is to shed light on all aspects of the concept ‘Welfare Technology’ through different types of events.

The term ‘Welfare Technology’ can be seen as an umbrella term which includes multiple facets of other technological orientations.

A focus area of the society is to illustrate the possibilities for optimal utilisation of the resources available and the implementation of technologies in the future welfare society. We also look at the ethical issues which new technology reveals.

The society has different types of activities:


  • Presentation meetings on technological advances
  • International network meetings
  • Setting-up of partnerships between companies, researchers and the public sector


  • Medical technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Space technology
  • Robotics
  • Health technology


  • Linkage of technology between citizens and the public sector
  • Specific improvements of working conditions and living conditions
  • Securing future investments in the health- and nursing sector

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