IDA has been named Denmark's best trade union

In the recently published “Industry Index Trade Unions 2022” from Loyalty Group, IDA is named the trade union in Denmark that has the most satisfied and loyal members for the second year in a row.

IDA has Denmark's most loyal trade union members. And that puts IDA in the first place among Danish trade unions.

That is the conclusion of the "Industry Index Trade Unions 2022", by the consultancy firm Loyalty Group.

In the benchmark, which is based on questionnaire surveys among members of 11 unions, IDA comes out best on both member satisfaction and member loyalty.

And that makes IDA's chairman Aske Nydam Guldberg very happy.

“We are proud and also humbled to be the union in Denmark that has the most satisfied and loyal members. The key word in everything we do is to create value and relevance for the members from the start of their studies to senior life. IDA is experiencing massive membership growth in these years, so today we are more than 145,000 members and are Denmark's largest union for academics. If we were not relevant to the members throughout their working lives, we would not be in this positive situation, ” he says.

IDA was also named the best Danish trade union in the 2021 survey.

IDA scores high on quality

In Loyalty Group's industry survey, the trade unions are assessed on criteria such as service quality, value for money and trust and ethics. And in addition, the members assess their trade unions' image and ability to look after the members' interests.  

In the survey, specific parts of the customer experience were also asked, and here IDA scores the highest of all for the following statements:

  • My union provides good products 
  • At my trade union, I get good membership benefits 
  • I find that I get good opportunities for courses and skills development through my membership 

IDA's members have access to many services:

IDA's services are available at, but IDA's members can always write or call and get answers to their questions. 

  • (Legal) advice on salary and employment conditions
  • IDA helps its trade groups to be organized in the workplace, trains trade union representatives and assists in negotiations between employee unions and employers. 
  • Career advisors help members organize their working life and career so that it suits the individual as best as possible.
  • IDA's working life consultants assist both members and companies with IDA members in ensuring healthy working conditions and conditions for employees.
  • IDA Learning collects and puts together courses and continuing education within the areas where IDA's members work.
  • 73 voluntary technical networks are organized via IDA. The technical networks consist of voluntary members who share a common professional interest and who, via IDA, get in touch with other interested parties. The networks meet both for social events and professional conferences.
  • Already during your studies, you can become a member of IDA and gain access to cheap insurance, social and professional networking events, online workshops for job hunting and guides and guidance for exam reading.
  • Cash benefits and membership offers, including cheap insurances and Danish language courses