IDA has been named Denmark's best trade union

In the recently published “Industry Index Trade Unions 2021” from Loyalty Group, IDA is named the trade union in Denmark that has the most satisfied and loyal members.

Membership satisfaction and loyalty are at the top among IDA's members, according to "Industry Index Trade Unions 2021", by the consultancy firm Loyalty Group. In the benchmark, which is based on questionnaire surveys among members of 11 unions, IDA comes out best on both member satisfaction and member loyalty.

And that makes IDA's chairman Thomas Damkjær Petersen very happy.

“We are proud and also humbled to be the union in Denmark that has the most satisfied and loyal members. The key word in everything we do is to create value and relevance for the members from the start of their studies to senior life. IDA is experiencing massive membership growth in these years, so today we are more than 130,000 members and are Denmark's largest union for academics. If we were not relevant to the members throughout their working lives, we would not be in this positive situation, ” he says.

Thomas Damkjær Petersen also believes that the high degree of member involvement, as well as the many activities for members all over the country contribute to creating a high degree of satisfaction and loyalty.

“For us, it is about meeting the members where they are, and we make a great virtue out of joining a variety of forces in our political work, just as we have a high level of activity among the many active members in IDA. Every year, they create thousands of professional and social events for members across the country, and thus contribute to creating a common professional identity for highly educated people with expertise in the fields of technology, science and IT, ”he says.

“At the same time, we have a strong focus on our core tasks, and make every effort to provide good advice in all phases of the members' working lives. This is done, among other things, by offering courses and webinars that give members value and professional community. In addition, IDA is characterised by carrying out solution-oriented advocacy in the areas that affect our members' working lives, careers and development opportunities, ” says Thomas Damkjær Petersen.

As a member of IDA, you get, among other things: