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Are you interested in machine learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robots, self-driving cars, quantum computers, smart energy systems? Then IDA Future Technology is for you.

IDA Future Technology gives you new knowledge about the exciting technological advances likely to change our lives in the future.

In this network, we look ahead and zoom in on technologies that are not necessarily on the market yet, but which are with a high probability likely to do so within a time horizon of 2-10 years.

Why you should join IDA Future Technology

  • You receive news about the technologies of the future and what they mean for your everyday life, society and people
  • You will be invited to exciting networking events, meet ups, conferences and courses
  • You form part of a strong network with others with the same professional interests as you

Log in and stay informed about the technological fronts. Learn from colleagues. Hear the most visionary speakers. Share your knowledge and contribute yourself.

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It is free to join IDA Future Technology - whether you are a member of IDA or not.

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If you have questions or ideas for future events, please contact network coordinator Henriette Rimmer Caspersen by phone or email on 33 18 46 52 or